On Tuesday, October 13, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan stated clearly that this Halloween will be like no other. He said that public health officials want to stop people gathering, and children and families should not move between houses trick-or-treating in the way that normally happens at Halloween.

However, that's not to say that households around the country can't celebrate All Hallows' Eve. Gather around a virtual fireplace and tell ghost stories; stock up on popcorn and sweets for a scary movie marathon; have a look around the house for bits and bobs so you can create your own costumes; bake barmbrack and bob for apples - this could be your best Halloween yet.

To help you make this October 31st extra special, we have found some family-friendly games that can be played at home. Have fun!

Popping pumpkins
I hope you have your earplugs at the ready! All you need for this one is a packet of orange balloons. Before you blow them up, pop some sweets in some balloons, and nothing in others. Then spread them around the room or garden and let them off to pop the balloons and find the sweets.

You can also decorate the balloons with scary faces if you want to make it a creative craft too.

Ghost bowling
Another one that requires a small bit of preparation. Using either kitchen or toilet roll, draw some black eyes on them and stack them in a pyramid. Then use whatever you want for a ball; a tennis ball, a golf ball, whatever you can find in the garden shed to knock over the "ghost" pins.

Ring toss
To make a scary version of this classic game, instead of cones use a witches hat or a pumpkin. And for the rings, use some glow stick necklaces to provide more an eery vibe. Make enough rings for all the kids so they can keep them once the game is over.

A Halloween version of the class "duck-duck-goose". The witch chases the ghost around the circle, and if the witch catches the ghost, they get to put a spell on them, to make them do a funny face, do a dance, etc.

Apple bobbing 
This list wouldn't be complete without apple bobbing. Fill a basin with water, get several towels, and put some apples in the water and off you go! Hands behind your back and perhaps some goggles on your face.

Happy Halloween!