The past number of weeks have changed the way many people use their homes. Bedrooms have been nicknamed the 'boffice' and living rooms now function as schools and offices by day.

Creating multi-tasking spaces isn't always easy, especially when these same areas must also serve as calming havens in the evening, but introducing clever colour zoning can make a huge difference to work productivity and creativity.

A strong colour choice, mixed with playful orange accents and a unique furnishings create this modern home office designed by Helena Cousins of Zinc Interiors. Having worked at home for many years, Helena wanted to create a space that was both ‘creative and innovative’, emphasising that working from home can be improved with good design and experimenting with colour.

Picking Colourtrend’s vibrant Peacock Blue in Interior Matt finish to adorn the walls, alongside the softer hues of Subtle from Colourtrend’s Contemporary Range to coat the woodwork, Helena’s design is undeniably vivid, yet calming.  

She comments: "Colour affects us all on a psychological level. So, it’s important to choose a colour that is going to reflect your image. For example, if you want a very Zen-like relaxing zone, pick a blue, as blue tones are really calming. It stimulates, but not overly, so it is just a really good work colour.’

When selecting a shade of paint, she recommends using an item that you love as a stepping stone of inspiration and use darker tones for zoning in smaller spaces.

"Pick something that you love. It could be a rug or a vase, anything like that. Then pick a colour that you really love from that item" she explains.

"Sometimes people are afraid of going too dark for fear that it might enclose the space. Don’t be afraid of colour. Dark colours can make a space feel more inviting and snug. So be brave."

Colourtrend stores across Ireland have now re-opened. Prices range from €75.00 - €82.50 per 5 litres.

We love 
Whether lounging in the back garden or balcony, or hoping to escape to our favourite seaside campsite for a staycation, there is no reason not to do it in style.

We love these handmade hammocks, available from in a range of colours. Made from 100% soft organic cotton, The Outdoor Collection has been created by artisans in Nicaragua, in a community drive for economic and environmental sustainability. 

All materials are eco-friendly and ethically sourced, with the hammock spreader bars and swing support made of renewable natural wood. The hammocks can accommodate two adults, while the swing is a smaller-scale version, made for one. Prices start from €255 and delivery is available countrywide.