If you're working from home and looking to spend a little time with nature, now could be the perfect time to start growing your own food.

If you're intimidated, don't be: Grow, Cook, Eat is back for another series, helping people with little or no knowledge of growing their own fruit, veg and herbs but who are charmed by the idea of growing something themselves. 

With plant-based diets becoming ever more popular, and consumers' increasing awareness of how far their food has travelled, this brand new 7-part series of Grow, Cook, Eat is landing on our screens at the perfect time. 

In tonight's episode, heads of Iceberg lettuce are set aside to make room for exotic cousins - mizuna, rocket and, mustard greens. Get the recipe for the team's Asian Greens with a Miso Tahini Dressing and Maple Pecans here.

While the leaves are growing at GROW HQ, Karen goes to Offaly to see nature growing by itself – picking blackberries, rosehips and much more with Wild Irish Foragers. 

Back at HQ, Mick breaks down the mystery of composting with a simple tutorial.

Watch Grow Cook Eat on RTÉ One at 7:30pm every Wednesday.