Sinead Harrington shares her top activities for keeping kids (and grown-ups) entertained while spending time at home.

1. Create Don't Contaminate
Last week, RTÉ 2FM launched a campaign to encourage young people to create content from their homes. Called #CreateDontContaminate it aims to get your creative side ticking while keeping families and communities safe.

From keepie uppies to party tricks this campaign has seen not only national but international faces taking part. Check out @RTÉ2FM to learn what challenge they have in store today and tag @RTÉ2FM using #CreateDontContaminate when sharing.

2. Teach Your Kids To Cook
Food scientist Aisling Larkin has been teaching children how to cook for 15 years and I love the simple, delicious and nourishing family meals she also creates. She has a wonderful approach to helping 'fussy' eaters try new foods and I'm a big fan of her lunchbox ideas too.

Aisling has now started a weekly online class called 'Teach Your Kids To Cook'. The classes go live on her Foodoppi's Instagram account every Monday at 2pm.

3. Creative Quarter
My girls love nothing more than to draw and colour (especially on the walls), so this online activity from RTÉjr is right up their street. Every day at 2:15pm RTÉjr will give a drawing prompt for budding artists!

To learn more go to the RTÉjr Facebook account for information on the daily prompts. You can also share their drawings on the Facebook page and I'm sure seeing the fruits of their labour will give them a lot of satisfaction.

4. Dublin Zoo
Like most children, my girls' thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. One of their favourite programmes on RTÉjr is Wild Kratts as they learn so much about wildlife. Dublin Zoo launched a new #dublinzoofun activity series where they release an activity workbook themed around one of the animals at Dublin Zoo.

These activity workbooks can be downloaded, printed and easily completed using the facts and information which can be found here and on Dublin Zoo's social media. Fun for all I think!

5. Yoga Cosmic Kids
With over 72 million followers on Instagram alone, it's easy to see why this site is such a hit with children and parents. Focusing on yoga and meditation, their aim is to also help with mindfulness and relaxation. Something we could all benefit from!

6. Design Your Own Sock
Have you ever fancied trying your hand at being a fashion designer? Well the Irish Socksciety are giving you the chance to design your very own pair of socks and be in with a chance of winning a prize too.

In celebration of their home county, they are looking for you to design your own take on Galway which could then be made into wearable and creative sock. To enter, download the template from here and submit before the deadline of 31.03.2020.

7. Rugby with the IRFU
Have a budding rugby player in your midst? You might be looking for something to keep them motivated at home. Irish Rugby recently launched a new video series of games that families can enjoy together. The games are fun, easy to play, while also assisting with movement skills.

The series is hosted by IRFU Head of Coach Development Matt Wilkie with his three sons Jack, Sammy and Alfie. The videos can be found across IRFU's social media channels and the full series can be found on

8. Bright Sparks Creative Bursts
Created by Sarah Webb and supported by the Museum of Literature Ireland this daily series of art and story workshops will give your family the opportunity to play and create together. All you'll need is a pencil or pen and a notebook or piece of paper. Easy!

The writing games and prompts are aimed at around age 9+ but could be done with younger children if you give them a bit of help. Also included are some more challenging story prompts for older or more experienced writers of around 11+. For more information check out

9. Dance Like None is Watching
Nothing lifts my mood more than dancing and singing. Before social distancing kicked in, my girls were going to hip-hop and Irish dance classes which they now really miss. Eclipse Stage School is offering daily classes on Insta and Facebook.

These classes will burn off energy, help with fitness but most importantly they're fun. And everyone in the family can join it. A much-needed mental health boost for all.