Ecolution, RTÉJr Radio's Climate Action Podcast for kids, went to Wicklow Sudbury Democratic School to take part in a transformative workshop. Listen back here or in the video above.

Ecolution is an Irish podcast from RTÉ Jr Radio, for kids who want to make a difference in the fight against Climate Change. James Dunne, a 16-year-old climate activist takes a trip into the cloudy waters of the environment to see young people doing their bit to combat the crisis.

In this week's episode of Ecolution, James and the team visit Wicklow Sudbury Democratic School, Ireland's first-ever school built on a model of self-directed learning, to see how they're changing the way they learn to fit the world in which we now live.

Students range in age from 7-18, and it's the students who decide what they want to learn and how. There are no teachers, just facilitators and, most interestingly, there's no homework - ever.

Later in the episode, Social Ecologist Kathryn McCabe takes the students on a guided exercise in Eco Anxiety. During the workshop, a group of young people voice their concerns and fears on Climate Change and Kathryn guides them through, showing them how they can deal with it. 

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