The annual Pinterest 100 report has launched, revealing the lifestyle trends that have been gaining popularity on the visual site this year.

Split into 10 main topics, the report analyses data from the 320 million people sharing ‘Pins’ on the platform and predicts 100 trends that will continue to grow in 2020.

While in previous years the report focused on visual themes like fashion, beauty and decor, this year it encompasses categories including parenting, sustainability and self-improvement, reflecting millennials’ increasing rejection of materialism.

The trends are chosen by analysing the number of searches on the site from August 2018 to July 2019 and comparing them with the same period a year earlier.

It’s a fascinating look at consumers’ changing habits and priorities. Here are 10 trends that Pinterest predicts will be big in 2020…

1. Beyond binary
Parents on Pinterest are moving away from the traditional ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ ideal with searches for unisex children’s clothes, gender-neutral party ideas and playrooms all rising this year. Searches for gender-neutral name lists also increased by over 300%.

Adults are also going beyond binary in their own lives with searches for androgynous wedding wear spiking by 51% and tuxedo dresses by 99%, but the biggest jump in this topic came with gender-neutral haircuts, which rose by 625% year on year.

2. Conscious consumption
With climate change such a hot topic at the moment, it’s not surprising that two of the fastest-growing trends are related to sustainability.

Searches for climate change protest posters rose by a massive 5,961% as people seek to show their support for organisations like Extinction Rebellion, while crafty ‘Pinners’ sought out alternatives to shop-bought gifts as searches for thrift shop crafts rose by 2,276%.

Recycling and reducing waste is another big priority according to the data, with low-waste living (446%), thrifted home decor (308%) and low-waste weddings (235%) all on the up.

3. Finding balance
As denizens of the digital age become more aware of the dangers of too much scrolling they’re looking for ways to cut back, which explains why there’s been a spike in searches for social media detox (314%) and art therapy activities (444%).

This trend also encompasses physical health as people search for the next ‘superfood’ or healing ingredient. Searches for chicory root, cucumber juice, ylang ylang oil and sea moss have all increased.

4. Re-wilding
Getting back to nature is a big trend in travel and closer to home. Travellers are looking to hone their survival skills with searches for bushcraft camping up 1,069% and lake fishing up 274%.

‘Rockhounding’, which means searching for gems, fossils or other interesting rocks, is also growing in popularity, up 185% since last year.

Enjoying the outdoors in their own backyard is a priority for many as searches for outdoor kitchen bars rose by 2,795% and outdoor play areas rose 550%.

5. Home hub
For city dwellers who don’t have the luxury of a garden of their own, creating green space indoors is a major trend, with searches for indoor water fountains jumping by 917% and garden rooms by 104%.

Also on the home front, consumers are indulging their passions while reducing carbon emissions by creating home coffee stations (up 751%), making homemade baby foods (up 379%), and brewing beer (411%).

6. Nineties re-run
The Nineties trend continues to dominate in fashion and beauty with hair scrunchie the fastest-growing trend in the whole of the Pinterest 100 report, up 6,309% in a year.

Other retro hair searches that rose rapidly in 2019 were braided hairstyles (329%) and hair clips (930%), but there's one sign that Noughties fashion might soon be taking over: searches for Y2K outfits were up 669%.

7. Responsible travel
With millennials showing a preference for collecting memories rather than possessions, travel is a high priority, but with climate change weighing on their minds, they’re turning to less carbon-intensive options.

That’s why searches for eco-friendly travel are up 73% and ecotourism architecture have risen by 31% as globetrotters seek out treehouse hotels, biodomes and eco-lodges to stay in.

While on the move, people are looking at ways to lower their environmental impact, with zero-waste travel essentials rising by 48% and ‘reduce carbon footprint tips’ by 86%.

8. Internationally inspired
Once they’re returned from their eco trip, jet-setters are bringing international flavours to their homes, inspired by their travels.

In the UK and America, the bright colours and shiny metallics of Indian living rooms are proving popular with searches rising by more than 2,000%, while in India and the Philippines it’s the decorative tiles and distinctive archways of Spanish bathrooms that are inspiring homeowners.

As for culinary delights, Arabic sweets (such as date balls and rose water milk puddings) are going global with searches up 407%, while meaty Macedonian food is up 509%.

9. Space exploration
The final frontier is having a big influence on kid's birthdays with searches rising for moon (589%), galaxy (341%) and astrology (257%) party themes.

Space is also inspiring people aesthetically as searches for space tattoos rose by 267%, planet make-up by 217% and constellation ear piercings by 112%.

10. Pampered pets
Owners are indulging their four-legged friends as much as themselves it seems, with searches for outdoor cat playgrounds up 512% and pet fashion up 199%.

Celebrations for pooches and kitties are also on the rise with searches for cat birthday party ideas jumping by 156% and dog-safe cake recipes by 167%.