Mairead Ronan returns to Ireland's Fittest Family alongside coaches Anna Geary, Davy Fitzgerald, Donncha O'Callaghan and Derval O'Rourke as they put some of Ireland's fittest family teams through their paces.

In episode three, it was Anna and Donncha calling the shots, as the two judges hounded their teams through a grueling set of obstacles and challenges, all set against the picturesque background of Strandhill and its sand dunes.

Anna's Mahers from Laois, McArdles from Co. Down and Ui Bhraonains from Co Carlow faced off against Donncha’s O’Driscolls from Dublin, Prendergasts from Limerick and the McSharrys from Co Sligo.

The six teams faced the same tough challenges as last week's teams, tackling the Quicksand challenge first. All family members had to scale a 120-metre sand dune carrying 2 buoys. Next was Rule the Runway, which included a 500-meter sprint and saw the families pull a 2 tonne plane back 350m.

The bottom two families from each time trial face off against the opposing bottom two families in two eliminators in Sligo Airport.

Always a crushing part of the course, the Eliminator starts with a sprint to the reverse crawl ice baths, then it's a scramble through a cargo net crawl onto the runway where they face a series of over and unders. An inverted wall stands in their way, then it's onto a 10-foot wall and ending on the Ireland’s Fittest Family signature ramps.

Almost as captivating as the teams were Donncha's tracksuit pants, which caused a stir loud enough to rival last week's celebration of the Mandiangu family!

And cheering on the families each week are fans around the country, sharing their support, admiration and the odd criticism on Twitter: 

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