Ace my Space is a bedroom makeover series for 8-12-year-olds, hosted by YouTubers Sean Treacy (aka Stellar Sean) and Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick (aka MC Luvs to laugh).

The show gives children the opportunity to have a brand new bedroom makeover, but the catch is that they must allow a friend or family member to make all the design decisions. Afterward, the child whose room has been transformed is asked to vote on whether they rate or slate the room.

If the design is deemed a success then the designer wins a prize, but if not, they must pay the ultimate price - they're going to get gunged! 

Viewers may recognise host Mary-Claire from two successful YouTube channels - she's a contributor on the popular Try Channel and she has her own show called MC Loves to Laugh where she records her own vlogs and sketches.

As a professional video producer, Mary-Claire is more than comfortable behind the scenes but has never had the opportunity to host a television show. She told RTÉ LifeStyle that she enjoyed getting to watch the process from a different angle.

"It was a really quick pace but really fun," she explained. "We had two days for every house and you're trying to make up a kid's bedroom in such a small space of time and get to know them and make sure they're happy with the process. Then you're gone again, traveling all over Ireland with the crew - it was great craic."

One big learning from the show that Mary-Claire came away with was dealing with stress in unknown situations as she never knew if the kids would like the end result of their bedroom makeover.

"My job was to bring the kids into the room and to make sure they didn't see anything until their blindfold was taken off. There was always this moment of 'Ooooh what do they think?'," she laughed.

"You'd be worried but, at the same time, they always had a best friend or sibling or cousin there for them so there was always someone in their corner."

Joining Mary-Claire on screen is her fifteen-year-old co-host Sean Treacy - better known as his YouTube name Stellar Sean - who has plenty of experience producing quality content in a short amount of time. 

The teenager has around 24.5k subscribers and spent much of last year juggling his work while studying for the Junior Cert. Safe to say, he's a pro at time management.

"Third year was busy and was very much about time delegation. I'd come home on a Friday and spend a certain amount of time to write, make a video, edit it and then Saturday and Sunday would primarily be about studying for the Junior Cert."

Now that he's in Transition Year, Sean says that he has more time to work on projects like Ace My Space and his upcoming short films - something he says he'll have to put on the backburner in the fifth and sixth year.

"On the weekends, I get the opportunity to work on my short films and then during the week I get to do things like recording voice-overs. When I get into fifth year and sixth year I'll probably have to dial down the work that I'm doing."

Adding a TRTÉ series to his list of accomplishments, the YouTuber said that his favourite part of the whole experience was getting the opportunity to travel around Ireland.

"My favourite part about the whole show was getting to go around and see Ireland. The first couple of shoots were in Dublin and were just about getting used to the schedule - I'm obsessed with daily routines so that was a challenge - but I fell into the swing of things then."

Ace My Space starts on Saturday, November 9 on TRTÉ at 12:40pm.