To celebrate Climate Week, Business in the Community Ireland are sharing seven ways in which you can make your business more eco-friendly.

1.  Calculate your Carbon Footprint
Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases—including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases and others—that your operation produces.

2.  Transportation
A significant source of carbon emissions for a lot of organisations is through their transport systems and making changes on how we travel for work and the distribution of our products and services can drastically cut the carbon emissions from this source.

  • a.  Business Travel - Air Travel is a major contributor to your carbon footprint, so avoid flying where possible, by using teleconferencing instead. Additionally, fly economy class when flying is unavoidable. For business travel in Ireland, encourage everyone to use public transport instead of private cars if they can.
  • b.  Product/Service Distribution within Supply Chains - Better fleet management and electrifying your fleet can significantly decrease your carbon emissions along your supply chain.

3.  Source Clean Energy
Look into generating your own renewable energy on-site. If not, source cleaner energy options to power your operations.

4.  Food
Source Local, Organic, and Seasonal Foods. 

5.  Invest
Look at investing in more energy-efficient infrastructure and equipment, from technology upgrades; to LED lighting; to improving your heating system, all play a significant role in reducing your carbon impact. 

6.  Carbon Offsetting
Invest in nature, which supports positive biodiversity and ecosystem progression, as well as having positive carbon impacts (as Nature offers our best option in tackling climate change).

7.  Political Pressure
Vote! By voting and engaging with the democratic process you can elect people keen to make these changes or hold those that don't to account.
This list was compiled by Business in the Community Ireland, the leading advisers on sustainability and CSR in the country. They have created the Low Carbon Pledge for business and encourage all companies in Ireland to measure, action and report on their carbon reduction efforts.