As the charming personalities entrusted with guiding Ireland's lovelorn, loved up and love-less through dates, the First Dates crew are bona fide experts when it comes to romance. 

They're there when the nervous 20-something-year-old waits for his date, drink in hand; they're peering over the booths at the heartwarmingly blunt older coupes, sharing stories of their former partners; they're even there when the date goes wrong and the disappointed dater needs a kind word and, yeah, okay, maybe another drink. 

We caught up with the bubbly trio - Mateo Saina, Alice Marr and Libby Russell - at the RTÉ new season launch, and needled them for all of their romance and dating tips, including the most romantic things that have ever happened to them! 

With three seasons under their belts - except for Libby, who joined the team this year - and another on the way, they've seen the highs and lows of dating in real time, often supporting, celebrating and commiserating with the contestants in the restaurant of the Gibson Hotel, where the show is filmed. 

Still, there's one thing missing from the mix, according to maître d' Mateo: "We need more men!" 

It seems the dating pool is looking a little dry, so if you're a single guy with dreams of finding love and maybe a little pinch of fame, now's your chance to apply! 

For prospective daters, the team says there's only one big no-no: don't cancel. Flagging no-shows as their biggest pet peeves on the show, they say that you can't go wrong with relaxing and being yourself. 

And it turns out it's not just in the swoon-worthy environs of the Gibson that the trio have learned a thing or two about love, as they've had some truly moving romantic moments happen to them. 

Watch the video above for the full interview!