The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) are making a pledge to get rid of mini hotel toiletries in order to play their part in helping the environment. They will be the first global hotel brand to undergo such a move.  

This new policy has already been introduced in a third of their hotels, which include the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels. The move would see mini toiletries removed from all 843,000 of its hotel rooms. 

IHG chief executive Keith Barr, spoke to BBC news and said: "We collectively, as an industry, have to lead where governments are not necessarily giving the leadership to make a difference.

"Five years ago it was a tick-the-box exercise. Today its follow-up meetings going through in detail what we are doing about our carbon footprint."

The IHG has emphasized that plastic in your beauty regime could be a real problem. The group also said that they would stop using plastic straws by 2019.

Keith added, "the next big thing to tackle" would be the plastic plates and cutlery used for its breakfast service. They monitored this waste at breakfast buffets by teaming up with AI firm Winnow. 

Also speaking to BBC News was Fiona Nicholls from Greenpeace, the environmental advocacy group. She said, "just as shoppers have shown they're happy to bring their own bags to supermarkets, hotel guests are absolutely able to adapt and start bringing their own toiletries." 

The group plans to be completely plastic-free by 2022.