Ireland’s best-known architect Dermot Bannon showcases some of the world’s most amazing homes in his brand new series Dermot Bannon’s Incredible Homes. From sunny Sydney to London city, the Irishman explores how people live around the globe.

Ahead of tonight's episode, in which Dermot explores Melbourne, the ‘cultural capital’ of Australia, we sat down with the architect to find out which room Irish people should be investing the most time and money in.

"I always think the best room to renovate in a house is a kitchen," says Dermot. "It's the one room that we all use. I've done studies on it, I've mapped people in their homes and we tend to spend 80-90% of our time in our kitchen."

"It's not about what's going to be an investment for selling it on," he continued. "I think an investment is something that will give you something back. If you're going to live in that one room, invest in it."

On tonight's episode...
Tonight on Dermot Bannon’s Incredible Homes, Ireland's favourite architect heads down under to check out some eye-catching interiors.

Research House is owned by the highly regarded architect John Henry and his partner Deb. Built for a modest €160,000, this house is like no other...

There are very few walls and five open ‘rooms’, one of which you can see in the video above. The southern façade is glazed, opening the inside to the bush beyond and elements from the external landscape have been incorporated inside the design, through the use of boulders, a pond and the vast vegetation.

John also has a ‘condition’ – he cannot stop buying mid-century art and furniture. This house has to be seen to be believed, and whilst it took the couple a while to get used to living in a space that has no air conditioning, (in a city where temperatures can reach over 35 degrees), they and Dermot love it.

Compound House is architecturally brilliant, having won numerous awards but it’s also a playground for the owners – with a fireman’s pole down to the basement, a swimming pool, space for the million dollar cars and a gym.

The client, who wanted to stay anonymous, allowed architect Rodney Eggleston to do what he wanted. He requested something polarizing, something different to the streetscape. The architect deliberately removed the fence to allow the house to be viewed.

The owners wanted parking for 14 cars, but Rodney insisted that there would be no house left so he allowed parking for 6!

Check out these amazing homes and much more on Dermot Bannon’s Incredible Homes, tonight at 9:30pm on RTÉ One.