The semifinals of Ireland's Fittest Family come to a close this Sunday as three more families tackle the brutal Hell & Back challenge, and after a thrilling and dynamic season, it's sure to be some of the most intense television we've seen all year. 

The picturesque setting of Kilruddery Estate, Co Wicklow is once again the backdrop for the extraordinary mental and physical tests the families must battle through.

At the same time, Davy Fitzgerald must struggle under the pressure of getting a family through to the final, as this is his last chance as Donncha O'Callaghan and Anna Geary each secured a place for one of their families. 

This week will see the McDonalds from Laois coached by Davy, Finnegan Hogans from Cork coached by Anna and the Lallys from Dublin coached by Donncha. 

They will take on the Swamp Trek and Devil's Run in the Hell & Back course, with multiple injuries slowing down certain families, including a dislocated shoulder and twisted ankle. Tough as the previous weeks were, these obstacles vastly change the dynamics at play and up the stakes. 

The best-performing family continues straight to the final while the other two compete in the longest and hardest Eliminator of the series.

The victors from that task will join the Lawlors from Limerick and the Coneys from Tyrone as they face off in Croke Park, on brand new, extreme, never seen before challenges and one of them will be crowned the champions for 2018.

Don't miss all the action this Sunday 9th December, 6.30pm on RTÉ One.