It's a debate as old as modern Ireland itself, but the intensity with which the government's sometimes perceived favouritism of Dublin over the rest of the country is hitting fever pitch as the capital continues to be developed while parts of the country still lack basic broadband internet.

When it comes to investment and employment, the discussions become even more sensitive as people's livelihoods are on the line. Conor Skehan, however, believes there is no favouritism. The lecturer from DIT’s School of Spacial Planning joined Sean O’Rourke on the Today programme to explain his position.

"Dublin now is a region, a city region. It takes in most of North Kildare, South Meath, down as far as Carlow, Louth", he said. "It contains the majority of Ireland’s population. It contains 55% at this stage. So when someone brings out a shock horror story saying that the Dublin region got ‘the most of this or the most of that’, it’s because that’s where the most of the people live."

He adds that the majority of this debate stems from the media needing stories that sell.

However Independent TD for Kerry Michael Healy Rae feels differently on the matter.

"Any jobs that have been created over the last few years, the only [place] you hear of jobs is Dublin. Yes, maybe a share in Limerick and a share in Cork, but what we’re getting in the regions is very minuscule and small indeed…"

"We're as entitled to live as anybody else", he added.

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