Christmas lights are already twinkling in the streets, and our weekends will soon be filled with Christmas markets, hot chocolate, and outdoor ice rinks. There is no doubt that the season is upon us.

But while our high streets are all decorated early with ulterior motives (yes, they want you in the shops, people), are there rules for when you should deck the halls of your actual home?

Plenty of people have taken to Twitter showing they aren’t holding back – and who cares if it’s still November? But others are outraged by this, arguing it’s much too early.

We asked etiquette experts for their advice on the best time to put up Christmas decorations.

Check the Christmas calendar
Etiquette Consultant Jo Bryant says: "There are no real rules, it’s a matter of what people want to do. However, Christmas does seem to be creeping earlier. In America, it rolls from Thanksgiving into Christmas and I think in this country we’re starting to see Christmas earlier and earlier."

In the church diary, Advent begins on the first Sunday in December, which this year is December 2. So you could use that as a guide for the date to put up decorations, suggests Marie-Helene Ferguson, CEO and founder of the London School of Etiquette.

"There’s a clue in the name there, with Christmas! Advent is a church day, the beginning of the church year, and it’s different every year," she says. "So if you wanted a traditional reason for putting up your decorations, that would be as good a reason as any."

 father and daughter celebrating Christmas with love at home.
When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Think about how long your decorations will last
"The time to enjoy decorations is definitely before Christmas," Bryant says, but avoid putting them up too early or they will end up looking forlorn by Christmas Eve.

"There are practical issues at play," she warns. "If you have a real Christmas tree and put it up in November, it’ll be looking really tired by Twelfth Night, so you probably want to be hanging back until mid-December."

If you have guests coming over on a certain date, you might want to be guided by that, Bryant adds. "If you have small children, you might put the tree up a little earlier for maximum enjoyment from it."

christmas wreath
Why not try making your own Christmas wreath this year?

Consider a wreath
"If you want to start feeling festive a little earlier, popping a wreath up is quite a nice way to start marking the festive season without getting carried away too early," says Bryant.

And the date to take them down?
The experts agree it’s January 5th, also known as the Twelfth Night.