Has ‘Millennial’ become a dirty word? Ryan Tubridy was joined in studio by Mary Kate Slattery from The Millennial of the Year organising committee this morning.

The annual fundraiser aims to raise €100,000 for a different charity each year, with 100 people committing to raise €1000 each. This year, they are working with Down Syndrome Ireland.

Mary-Kate thinks that the word ‘Millennial’ can carry a "negative connotation".

"Traditionally there’s a negative connotation and a kind of cloud that’s carried…I guess it’s the sense of entitlement, almost, that is associated with Millennials."

But maybe we can be too quick to judge. The Millennial of the Year initiative is an effort to "break those boundaries down" and Mary-Kate certainly lives up to that ethos.

She and Ryan discussed eating disorders, studying law and charity work that has led to a potential career in boxing. She summed up her work ethic pretty succinctly.

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