With Operation Transformation season 12 just around the corner, new mum Kathryn Thomas is busy prepping for another big event - her wedding - and getting back to work, running and sleeping! 

After getting back on her feet after the birth of baby Ellie in March, Kathryn Thomas isn't afraid to share the difficulties of adjusting to life and work again. Between starting running again and the inevitable sleep deprivation, all while picking up her TV appearances again, the presenter is fully back to work. 

One thing she's delighted to share, though, is that her wedding planning is fully back on track. 

"We are now focused on trying to get a date, get organised", she told RTÉ Lifestyle. "It seemed that every time we tried to plan that way, I would be pregnant. So now she's here, she's taken up a lot of our time but now the wedding is on the agenda." 

Kathryn's agenda certainly seems fuller than ever, with regaining her fitness levels a top priority. When she revealed that she was still exercising during her pregnancy on the last season of Operation Transformation, many criticised her and questioned how healthy doing so really was. 

"People said, oh, you lost the weight and you bounced back. I didn't bounce anywhere!"

Kathryn is still nonplussed by the criticism, instead focusing on the importance of the conversation it started. "I was delighted that I was able to get a message out there for women in Ireland that it is absolutely okay to exercise throughout your pregnancy once you've got clearance from your doctor", she said. "Everybody is different, some people can and some people can't, but it's safe and the health system encourages it."

Her focus now - aside from the wedding - is on regaining her strength, as she wasn't able to run during her pregnancy. It's taken her six months to get to this point, something the public rarely realises. "People said, oh, you lost the weight and you bounced back. I didn't bounce anywhere!"

"So for me, it's about listening to my body, taking my time. I was recovering after giving birth to her for a lot longer than I thought, so I'm totally okay with that. I know my body and I know how hard I can push it and for me it's been a much slower process than I thought, and that's okay, too." 

Fitness is especially topical for her as a new season of Operation Transformation is just months from kicking off, with applications now open for a new slew of leaders. Kathryn says that the expectations are the same - "people who are passionate, people whoa are dedicated, and people who can relate to other people because being a leader, it's such an important job."

"You've got to inspire the nation, you've got to really want this. Every year, year on year, we have people who give themselves, who give 110 per cent and understand that they need the help, they need the support of the nation as well. So as much as they are doing a job, the nation is there supporting them as well." 

To apply online go to www.rte.ie/ot and follow the instructions there. If you have any questions or if you would like an application form sent to you in the post, please call Helen, Elisha or Yvonne on 01 864 1444 or email ot@vipmg.tv