The RTÉ Player team share their top picks to watch on RTÉ Player this week. 

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Dancing With The Stars – Road to the Final

Deirdre O'Kane
You can watch the finale of DWTS live on RTÉ Player

Erin McGregor did not have the luck of the Irish behind her last week when she and her partner, Ryan McShane, were eliminated in the dreaded dance off.  The three remaining celebrities, Deirdre O'Kane, Anna Geary and Jake Carter now go forward to the finals of Dancing with the Stars next Sunday to battle it out for the coveted Glitter Ball Trophy.

In the lead up to the finale of Dancing with the Stars, go to RTÉ Player for exclusive extras including the journey so far for each of the three finalists and a look back on those who missed out on the opportunity to clinch the winning title. The finale of DWTS will be available to watch live and on demand on RTÉ Player.

What's New?
This Is Us

This Is Us
This Is Us

The second series of US TV show This Is Us is back and we are so excited as we revisit the lives and connections of the Pearson family over several decades.

In this series, the adult Pearson siblings are celebrating their 37th birthdays and the first episode provides a recap on their story so far combined with hints of some brand new revelations to be disclosed in later episodes.  

Kate is continuing with her potential career as a singer with her first audition in sight but, will she follow through? Kevin is still working away on ‘that’ Ron Howard movie while Randall is feverishly trying to convince his wife, Beth to adopt a baby. Jack and Rebecca are still reeling from their last fight with Jack moving out temporarily. Watch the first episode of the brand new series on RTÉ Player.

What Not to Miss?
Missing – A Prime Time Rewind

Missing - A Prime Time Rewind
Missing - A Prime Time Rewind

RTÉ Prime Time reporter, Barry Cummins, details the circumstances and subsequent investigations into missing persons in different parts of the country over the last 40 years in another chance to re-visit four significant missing person reports that were previously broadcast on RTÉ’s Prime Time.

The first programme looks at the case of Elaine O'Hara who was reported missing and later discovered murdered by Graham Dwyer. With exclusive extended interviews with Gardaí involved in the case, along with the men who found missing Elaine O’Hara’s belongings in the reservoir in Co.Wicklow, this documentary brought you to the heart of the investigation and charted how Graham Dwyer was eventually caught and convicted by the trail of text messages he had left, along with other material recovered from his laptop.

This RTÉ Prime Time special allowed people to reflect on how a murder was conceived, that a woman could be instructed to walk through a park in south Dublin, leaving her personal belongings behind so as to make it look like a suicide.  Watch now on RTÉ Player.

Pick of the Week
Lig Liom

Lig Liom
Lig Liom

Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh refuses to make excuses anymore for being who she is - an Irish speaker.

On her most personal journey, Bláthnaid is no longer willing to look for acceptance or explain herself to the English-speaking majority. When Bláthnaid moved to Dublin from the Ráth Chairn Gaeltacht at 15 she felt like an outsider. For the first time in her life she had to live in an English speaking world.

It took her until now, over 30 years later, to realise that that awkwardness she felt as a teenager was loneliness, a loneliness borne out of estrangement from her native tongue. And she’s been lonely ever since.

Bláthnaid met her husband Ciarán when she was 21. He didn’t speak Irish and still doesn’t. She worries how much of a factor this will play in her children’s ongoing relationship with Irish, and Bláthnaid and Ciarán have an open and honest discussion about the pros and cons of a bilingual marriage.

Throughout the programme, Bláthnaid meets Kneecap, an Irish rap group from the Falls Road in West Belfast whose first single C.E.A.R.T.A. (Rights) has been banned by 2FM and Dr Abdullahi El-Tom, head of the Department of Anthropology in Maynooth who made it his business to learn the language when he moved to Ireland from Sudan in order to truly understand Irish people.  Watch Lig Liom now on RTÉ Player.