Should you eat protein before a work out and carbs after? Or is it the other way around? Irish fitness expert and high-performance coach Pat Divilly sets the record straight. Listen to his interview on The LifeStyle Show, with Taragh Loughrey-Grant, above.

Despite being a high-performance coach, Pat suggests that we should lower our expectations when it comes to big changes such as New Year resolutions and pick just one thing to focus on at a time.

"I'm fascinated by mindset and the psychology of why we do or don't do certain things because we've got so much information.

"We know what we're supposed to eat, we know more about nutrition now than we ever knew before - there's more information there than ever before - but we seem to struggle.

"One healthy habit a week will transform your life over a year but we all want 52 habits in the first week of the year."

Cycle your carbs
One healthy habit per week sounds a lot more manageable than running a 5k every morning or cutting sugar - cold turkey. The fitness expert suggests that people focus on upping their water intake, eating more green veg and 'cycling your carbs' around your training time.

Did we lose you there? We had never heard of cycling carbs either so Pat broke it down for us.

"On a very simple level, the way I kind of describe this is that carbs are like petrol in a car and if I'm driving from Galway to Dublin, I need lots of petrol.

"If I'm driving from Galway just down to my local shop, I don't need much petrol."

So that translates for us as - if I'm very busy and active and I'm an athlete, I need lots of carbs - that's my fuel source. If it's like we are here, sat at a desk a lot of the day, we're quite sedentary and we don't really need much petrol or that much carbohydrate.

"Taking that a step further, I suppose when we train, that's the time to have the carbs because you've got glycogen in your body - you take in your carbohydrate, it gets stored as glycogen in the body and when we train we deplete the glycogen, or a certain amount of it, and that's the time we can top up.

Listen to your body
So just before or after training is the ideal time for carbohydrates but Pat insists that it can also come down to the individual. 

"If I do those things and I don't feel good, it's not going to work for me. We are all individual, I think part of it is getting to know our own bodies, and how we feel, and trying different things.

"Post-workout carbohydrate, for most people, they're going to want it because they've worked hard and your body wants sugar when you've worked hard."

"Typically, I would say for most people it's post-workout. Having something, some fruit or having some porridge or something like that, or rice, still trying to go with good carb sources.

"Carbs are sugar and you can get sugar in a million ways. I would always favour getting it in a minimally processed way as possible." 

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Plus, he shares accessible, everyday tips for us all to adapt to live a happier, healthier life. Listen to The LifeStyle Show in full above.