Keyboard warriors were taken to task on The Ryan Tubridy Show during the week when caller Teresa got in touch to say enough was enough. What pushed her over the edge a post on Facebook in which Maura Derrane had given details of the outfit she was wearing. 

The photo garnered over 240 comments and the contents of the vast majority of these were what prompted Teresa to write into the show: "I was just blown away by the lack of respect shown to her. 

"There were women writing things underneath her photograph saying that’s horrendous, it looks like you picked up those clothes in a ball on the floor, it’s not age-appropriate, your makeup’s too heavy and these were the mild ones…  

"I was kind of going, when did that become OK? Have I missed something?"

Teresa wanted to investigate further and clicked on the profiles of the people making these comments.

"It was women, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, grandparents, mothers, not children.

"Ryan I know you’re aware there’s a bullying epidemic in Ireland at the moment. 

"When we hear of a child being bullied, we all are flabbergasted that kids can be so bitter and cruel to each other at such a young age and I just said, this is the reason why."

"If your mother is putting up posts that somebody looks horrendous… what other way could you turn out, other than being cruel and feeling that you have a right to put somebody down for no reason?"

Teresa’s comments come in the wake of Ryan’s campaign to highlight the dangers of smartphones for children. 

Not only should parents take responsibility for their child’s internet use, they also need to check their own, and human kindness should never go out of fashion.

"Sometimes we need to kick back against this because we’re all rearing kids. 

"I know I want my child to be kind and considerate to other people and not be nasty but you have to coach them and you have to show an example."

Maure addressed her critics on Today with Maura and Dáithí:

Listen to the full interview on The Ryan Tubridy Show above.