Ireland is full of singletons looking for love, who just need a little help to get the ball rolling whether that be a blind date on national television or some advice from the stars!

A number of famous faces have shared their dating tips on the RTÉ Player and we are hanging on their every word - watch a sneak peek below.

We caught up with Snapchat star James Kavanagh to find out more about his love life and to find his top date spot in Dublin. As always, he delivered. Watch all of James' top dating tips on RTÉ Player here.

The Dublin man has been dating long-term beau William Murray for five years. The couple live together in a devastatingly well-decorated home where they spend many an evening watching Princess Diana documentaries and lighting countless candles.

Their relationship antics on Snapchat are an absolute joy to watch; whether it's William cooking up a storm for dinner or James trying to scare him half to death while he does it - this couple is downright adorable.

First Dates Ireland is inspiring the nation to get out and get dating, we asked James how he met his match.

"Our first date was New Year’s Eve, so anniversaries are really easy to remember! William messaged me on Grindr and I invited him to my annual NYE party.

"He accepted the invite and to be honest, I was a bit freaked out because usually, one spends NYE with close friends or family, and here he was immediately accepting my invite (that I kind of expected him to say no to). But we met and all was lovely!"

Let's say you have found the courage to ask your crush out on a date, where do you bring them?

"My fave place for a date is Forest & Marcy. I hate dead quiet restaurants, it’s nice to have a bit of a buzz.

"This place is great, and the chef comes out and talks you through what you’re eating. A bit of theatre on a date is essential, especially if it’s a first and conversation is lulling."

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