"It was very emotional," said Norah Casey when reflecting on her first dance with her Dancing with the Stars partner Curtis Prichard. The Dragon's Den star performed the foxtrot to the tune of Norah by Tara O'Grady - a song that is especially close to the Dublin woman's heart. 

In 2011 Norah lost her husband, Richard Hannaford, to cancer and she chose the song because of a very romantic gesture that he made to her years before.

"The Caseys are not known for their dancing but they are known for their singing but poor Richard when he used to come home with me, couldn't sing for toffee and privately learned lessons.

"So we were at this leaving party in London and I still remember the guy on the microphone saying: 'Richard Hannaford, come up on the stage and sing this song'.

"I was dying thinking 'he is going to mortify me' and then he sang this beautiful rendition of 'When I first said I loved only you, Norah' and I had a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and I just thought that was the first song that he ever sang and it would be very fitting if tonight, I danced to the same song," she said.

"I have to tell you that there were times... when I was waiting to dance that I could feel that presence, you know?

"I know that sounds strange but I was definitely dancing with Curtis and he was an amazing teacher and he's done an amazing job with me but there were times when I was dancing that I felt that I was kind of dancing with Richard," she said.

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Last year Norah took the very brave step of sharing her story of domestic abuse with the public. The businesswoman suffered through a traumatic relationship with her first husband, Peter - an abusive relationship that lasted nine years.

Listen to our podcast interview with Norah Casey here

Norah has fiercely supported Women's Aid and even dedicated her annual Women of the Year Awards to the Irish Charity in order to raise awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month last November.

Looking back on 2017, she said: "It's been some year - a roller coaster and I think parts of the year have been really hard for me. I took the very difficult decision to talk about something painful in my life and it took me back to a place that was quite dark.

"I didn't do much dancing in my 20's," she admitted.

"I had a very difficult marriage. I probably compensated by working very hard and studying very hard so I think maybe life has given me a little glimpse of something - maybe it's not too late for me to dance now.

"I just love it," she said, smiling.

2017 was also the year that the entrepreneur decided to sell the bulk of her Irish magazine empire to a US investor - a decision that didn't come easily.

"I said out there [on the dancefloor] that God wrote it for me and I do think it because not only did I do that, talk about that painful time, but then I sold a big chunk of my business which was quite painful too because I started that with Richard and I found it very hard to let go but it was the right thing to do and then suddenly I get a call to say 'would you like to do this?' and I thought, 'that's a bit mad but actually, I think that's absolutely right'.

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It seems that Norah has been beaming since joining the show and she says that she is already feeling the positive effects.

"There's nothing more joyous, there's no downside to it [...] I've lost a stone and my shoulders are all thrown back whereas [before] they were crouched over a computer.

"I get up in the morning and even though those dance steps are really hard, four hours go like that!" she said, snapping her fingers.

"I want to live in my dance bubble a little longer," said Norah.

Finally, Norah joked that she is certainly enjoying her time with the handsome Curtis Prichard who she described as a 'Ken'.

"He's not that hard to look at and in business, you don't get Kens! You just don't get those kinds of gorgeous men and the other thing is if we have a tough day, he gives me a hug.

"Nobody in business has ever stood up from a meeting and said 'I'm going to give you a hug and say you're brilliant - it just doesn't happen," she laughed.

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