I'm a proud dad of three lovely boys (even if I do say so myself) so I thought I'd share some thoughts, tips, and advice about what you should know if you're planning to have kids or planning to have more.

1. Friends without children might become distant for a while.

2. Your conversations during pregnancy will be about pregnancy.

3. Your conversations after birth will be about your new baby.

4. You won’t know what you did with your time or what you talked about before you had a child.

5. Never give your child a bedside glass of water unless you’re happy with taking them to the bathroom at 4am or cleaning up after you missed that appointment.

6. Babies’ heads are magnetically attracted to doorways or in our case coffee tables. #GluedForehead #StapledHead #ImNotJoking

7. In the middle of the night, you won’t care how cute a onesie is, you’ll care about how many snaps it has.

8. You’ll be judged more than your child will when they act up in public. This is particularly true when in restaurants and parks or on airplanes.

9. Always make your child go to the bathroom before you leave anywhere.

10. Time will fly by so take lots and lots of photos and videos.

11. You’ll better understand your parents, in particular, your mother.

12. You’ll do things that your parents did, in particular, your mother.

13. Your child will watch you every day for lessons on how to be a human.

14. If you don’t freak out when your child falls down there’s a good chance that they won’t either.

15. Staying fit becomes a whole lot harder. Hence, try to keep up some sort of exercise routine.

16. Staying awake becomes a whole lot harder.

17. Staying asleep becomes a whole lot harder.

18. Children have amazing memories but they cannot keep a secret.

19. Children like to talk about boring stuff, but talking to them about it is a huge part of their development.

20. Watching your child interact with other people when they don’t know you’re watching is great.

21. If potty training isn’t working, it’s probably because your child isn’t ready.

22. There’s no quicker way to make sure your child is listening than by fighting with your partner.

23. Yelling at a child mid-tantrum will usually make them worse.

24. Children will ask for way more toys than they need. Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to parents and money.

25. If your child has a security blanket or a cuddly toy, buy a spare one or three. We learned the hard way when a dog started 'humping' our son’s bunny.

26. Distraction will be one of your best ‘weapons’.

27. Your tolerance for gross things will grow exponentially – my tooth recently found poo under my fingernail.

28. Never be too cocky if your child isn’t going through the terrible twos because they might end up being a Threenager or a ‘Fournado’ (I just made that word up!).

29. Watching your kid interact with other people when they don’t know you’re watching is great.

30. Accept all hugs, kisses, and cuddles from your child. You’ll get fewer as the years go on.

31. You’ll try to be the best parent you can, but always remember that just keeping your child alive is a win.

32. You will need to find the balance between getting sleep and personal time.

33. Plan as many date nights as you can.

34. If your child cries when you leave them just keep on walking. They’ll eventually stop. Sounds harsh but they'll recover faster than you.

35. If you don’t have one already, you’ll soon develop a DGAF attitude…and it’s great.

36. Dads, this one is for you; Don't Tell Mum - 12 Tips For Clueless Dads

If you have any tips, thoughts or advice I'd love to hear them.



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