Whether you are a fan of Elf on the Shelf or not, you should get a kick out of some of the situations Santa's supposed little helpers are finding themselves in these days.

The whole idea is that the elves observe what children are doing during the day and fly off to Santa and Mrs Claus each evening to report on whether the wee ones should be on the naughty or nice list.

However, when they come back they find a new place to stay for the following day in the house which means the children have to go in search of them every morning to see where they are.

Parents looooove that part of the process.

Ways to cope...
Only halfway through the whole Elf on the Shelf process, some parents are struggling to keep up to speed with their wee elves but then people like Amy Huberman come to the rescue..."Date night. She’s all dressed up in this slinky number".

Malahide Christmas Elf wrote: "I'm ready! #Elfontheshelf in training... Rocky Montage! pic.twitter.com/gyqtYXQiO2"

From the hilarious...
People are having a bit of craic with their elf...This America ER Department are being kept on their toes: "We had an elf on the shelf in the ER! But then someone kidnapped him for an exchange for cookies #elfontheshelf"

Many would agree with Doug Saathoff: "I would like to find the person responsible for inventing #ElfOnTheShelf and do this to them."

Although Kristen found that there are some advantages: "The best part about the #elfontheshelf? He's hiding so well this morning, the kids have been searching for him for 45 minutes!" 

To the dramatic...
JLynn wrote: "When you’re a @TheWalkingDead fan and run out of #elfontheshelf ideas."

And from Alan: "When you wake up and the #elfontheshelf is being slammed by @HulkHogan #wwfhasbro."

Even the libraries are getting in on the action: "Well, that escalated quickly #ElfOnTheShelf #christmasinfestation #ElfieTorrance."

To the inspirational...
The elves are also being used to spread some good messages at this time of year, such as this one by West Midlands Fire station: "Even naughty elves know to test their smoke alarms, make sure you do yours today! #TestItTuesday #elfontheshelf - image courtesy of @WillenhallFire".

One poor elf was in a critical condition after a run in with a dog and after being rushed to hospital as ABC News tweeted: "Children's hospital jumps into action to help save a 7-year-old's Elf on a Shelf after it was attacked by her dog. http://abcn.ws/2AKKLTq" 

To the naughty...but nice
The Hull Community Police in the UK wrote: "The Osborne Elf has refused details during a stop/search claiming that he has no name #nameourelf #elfontheshelf #EOTS2017 #team1 #7844".

From Elf on the Shelf themselves: RT once you find this #ElfontheShelf!

The Warwickshire police are having a bit of craic: "Day 8 naughty Elfvis has teepeed the Christmas tree #elfontheshelf."

This American State Trooper is enjoying his: "Well, @StatieTheElf is up to his ole antics again.... watch his antics on MSP Fb.... he doesn’t listen very well."

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