How do you get your product from your kitchen table to the shelves of Harrods? Beth Ann Smith, co-owner of Lismore Foods, explains how she and her business partners did just that in this week's episode of The LifeStyle Show.

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Beth Ann Smith and her business partners Owen and Ken Madden have almost two hundred years of baking and craft in their family history. They started The Lismore Food Company together in order to create handmade biscuits made from Ireland's finest ingredients.

Having trained in Ballymaloe Cookery School, Beth Ann is an accomplished foodie working as head chef at Lismore Castle. She spoke to Taragh about why she felt that she and her partners could bring something new to Ireland's food scene.

"We wanted to create biscuits that would taste like home baking.

"Most of the biscuits that you find have chemicals in them and we just wanted something that really tasted like something you would make yourself and then we wanted to package it beautifully so the great thing was that we could control it at the start, we did all our own baking at the start"

Ireland is rich with fresh, homegrown ingredients that Beth Ann feels are essential to her product.

"One of the things about our biscuits is that - and it's really important to us - they're all made with Irish butter which, again, a lot of biscuits on the market are using palm oil and for us, it's so important that it's Irish butter - the taste is so incredible with Irish butter".

The range of Lismore biscuits come in seven tasty flavours which have been carefully chosen by Beth and her team.

"We started with a hundred flavours and effectively we had a 'biscuit off' like a celebrity biscuit challenge - I had to do a lot of Pilates!" she laughed.

Listen to the full interview with Beth Ann Smith of Lismore Food Company in this weeks LifeStyle Show with Taragh Loughrey-Grant above.