We know that Christmas ads are all about selling brands but in recent years they have increasingly become a little part of the Christmas lead-up in themselves.

We wait all year round for the funny, whimsical and sometimes emotional ads and now, finally, one has been released.

John Lewis has struck gold in the past with Monty the Penguin, the lonely man on the moon and last year’s bouncing boxer dog. Check out the Irish connection to last year's ad here.

John Lewis ad
Christmas ads have become a part of the Christmas lead-up in themselves

This year's ad features Moz, the monster under the bed. Unlike other monsters, Moz likes to play games, to offer piggyback rides and stay up to all hours with his young friend.

However, the late night antics take a toll on the young schoolboy and soon Moz realizes he must say goodbye to the fun-filled sleepovers and gift his friend with a nightlight so he can sleep better. Get the tissues ready!

Twitter Reactions
People have been waiting eagerly for the ad to be released ever since John Lewis tweeted the below teaser.

Now, the reactions are flooding in and it looks like tears are being shed across the world.

Tom Green:



Amanda Fennelly:


Lucy Reynolds:

While others disagreed with the plot line, written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Michel Gondry.


Stefanie Preissner:

Twisted Doodles:

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