Tiffany & Co. have come under fire recently for their 'everyday items' collection which aims to "transform utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art".

1. Crazy Straw
Hosting a Christmas party this year? You can pick up this single crazy straw for €290. Designed to become a fun and festive addition to the home, the straw is made from sterling silver with a Tiffany Blue enamel accent.

Tiffany's Straw
Tiffany's Straw

2. Triangle
Helping the kids with their math homework? Put this sterling silver and American walnut triangle to use for just €460. 

Tiffany's Triangle
Tiffany's Triangle

3. Tin Can
This 'tin can' is made of sterling silver and shining vermeil and costs €1,150. You can put your pens in it.

Tin Can Tiffanys
Tiffany's Tin Can

4. Paper Clip Bookmark
This sterling silver over-sized paper clip is €190 and can be used as a 'whimsical' bookmark. Much better than the folding the corner down.

Paper clip tiffanys
Tiffany's Paper Clip Bookmark

5. Ball of Yarn
This yarn ball is made of hand-spun strands of textured sterling silver. It is one of a limited edition of five handmade in New York and will set you back €10,400. Not entirely sure what it can be used for...

Ball of Yarn
Tiffany's Ball of Yarn

The 'Everyday Objects' Collection may be an incredibly extravagant and frivolous range of items but Tiffany's aren't the only guilty party in town. 

6. Christmas Candle
This Acqua Di Parma Christmas Candle from House of Fraser comes in at a pricey £91 (approx €102). I imagine the scent must transport you to Lapland to visit Father Christmas.

House of Fraser
Acqua Di Parma Christmas Candle

7. Dart Board
If you're thinking of picking up a dartboard for your next party, Brown Thomas is selling this Purling London Premium Dartboard for €1,735.00. Just to be clear, you can still only throw darts at it.

Purling Dartboard
Purling Dartboard

As usual, Twitter was on hand to provide some of the funniest reactions to some of these pricey items.

Rafael Casal: "If they really wanted to mock poor people, they would make a silver-plated Egg McMuffin and call it BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS."

Annabeth: "that paperclip better be able to keep my life together"

Laichronicles: "Tiffany and co is really out here trying to sell a ball of yarn for $9000"