For 2FM presenter Eoghan McDermott, the Harvey Weinstein scandal raised many questions. But among them was: why didn't the men who knew about his behaviour speak up about it?

"Of course all the women who were affected knew that he was this massive predator, but also that so many powerful men knew," McDermott said. 

He cited the example of Brad Pitt confronting Weinstein about his behaviour towards his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. 

"But then it went no further than that. And you would go: is that his responsibility done, or should he have taken it further?"

Men "should not be afraid" to speak up in these cases, McDermott said. "In that instance, it was definitely tougher and there was more for women to lose by confronting him.

"And it turned out that it still had to be women being brave enough to take the risk of losing or risking or exposing themselves to that challenge over men who had less to lose and still sat back."

The presenter urged men to consider what they can do to end this kind of behaviour.

"I hope this will have sparked a little bit of consciousness in some men that they always have a platform that they can step up to and prevent this kind of thing from happening."