RTÉ LifeStyle recently had the opportunity to chat with American singer-songwriter Josh Ritter ahead of his tour across Ireland this December. Watch our interview with Josh above.

The musician spoke about bringing his young daughter on the road, the importance of finding a balance between his family and career and why a normal life is "a powerful victory".

Josh will be playing Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Belfast this December before heading on tour across America next Summer with his new album Gathering. Speaking about life on the road, Josh says it's all about the company you keep.

"I have my band, they're a really good band and the next little while is going to be on the tour bus, we're just going to be traveling through the Summer of next year.

"I have a five-year-old, she's just graduated to having her own bunk on the bus and so she's excited to be along - it's going to be super great"

Typically, most musicians leave their loved ones at home whilst they tour the world for months on end but for Josh, finding a balance between work and home topped his list of priorities.

The New Lover singer says he enjoys having his family on tour with him to take in the culture of different cities and to have the experience of travelling together. 

"Luckily, I have a situation where my partner and my daughter... we can travel together and at first that was very strange because I had been on the road a long time by myself or with the band and now I find it's hard to go off without them".

The singer-songwriter has an unusual approach to his career. While the entertainment industry has a habit of breeding ego and attitude as it baits artists to become more fame hungry than their counterparts, Josh says his goal is simply to be happy. 

"The people that I look up to, I look up to because they've managed to create a career and have a life."

According to Josh, the music industry "glorifies the individual" where as he feels his success has been "hard won and honest."

Overall, it seems that the singer appreciates the normality of every day life and remains unmoved by the ideals of fame.

"The things in life, all the things that your told in life will happen when you become famous, are... you can end up waiting forever for things and not recognise the real good things that come about."

I'm lucky that I have a family and I have a life and we're able to support ourselves. These days, that feels like the real powerful victory.

Watch the interview in full to find out what Josh loves to cook, the story of his first car and the reason he will only ever wear black on stage.

Josh Ritter will tour his new album Gathering across Ireland this December. Tickets are on sale now.