RTÉ 2fm presenter Jennifer Zamparelli spoke to RTÉ LifeStyle at the RTÉ Autumn launch about parenting and the new series of Bridget & Eamon. Watch the interview in the video above.

The funny lady spoke about her daughter Flo and how she decided to have another baby to keep her company.

"Flo hasn't a clue what's happening. She won't know whats going to hit her, I swear to God because she's been the apple of our eye, our only child for two and a half years and it's all going to change."

According to Jen, Flo loves meeting other little boys and girls in the playground and is craving some pals.

"She needs a sibling, she's desperate when we go to parks or playgrounds or anywhere, she's like 'Mom, there's boys and girls over there, can I go and play?' and she runs up to them and is like 'please play with me'.

"She just loves other kids, so I'm having this baby for her"

You can catch Jennifer Zamparelli and her professional partner in crime, Bernard O'Shea, on tonight's brand new episode of Bridget & Eamon on RTÉ 2 at 9:30pm.