This week's RTÉ Guide is a special fundraiser Pink Issue for Breast Cancer Ireland. The Guide will donate 20c of every copy sold to the charity.

Nearly five years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, life is on the up and up for RTÉ reporter Teresa Mannion, from viral weather reports to dancing with the stars. Donal O’Donoghue meets her. 

"I don’t obsess about cancer," says Mannion now.

"Of course, I did go through some low points during my treatment and sometimes I’d get this jolt thinking ‘Am I more vulnerable to having cancer again?’ In those moments, I wonder how did it happen to me, how did that disease come into my body?’ But in those times you have to force yourself to switch those thoughts off.

"My oncologist told me once, "There’s  nothing that Teresa Mannion did to get cancer!’ because you do worry that you did something – your lifestyle, a bad diet or whatever – to bring this on. 

"But I didn’t do anything. It’s just simply that one in three people get cancer and I was one of them."

RTE Guide
This week's RTÉ Guide is a special fundraiser Pink Issue for Breast Cancer Ireland 

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