Do you ‘eat clean’? Ray D’Arcy was joined in studio by the man who coined the phrase, James Duigan.

Social Media
The author explained that the original concept, which was an achievable, simple way of eating healthily, has faced a significant backlash.

"It’s been hijacked by some very photogenic people on social media, that have made a lot of money by making people feel ashamed and guilty and obsessed and it’s really scary out there now."

Why don't diets work?
James believes that people should focus less on diets and more on the four pillars of health; mindset, nutrition, movement, and sleep.

"Diets don't work because they are based on denial. If I say to you, 'you can't eat chocolate cake', you're literally on countdown to when you can eat chocolate cake and so what you need to do is make small, achievable, sustainable changes that will change your life so powerfully"

Calorie Counting
According to James, we as a country need to stop focusing on calorie intake and pay closer attention to the kind of foods we're eating because "the calories in an avocado compared to the calories in a chocolate bar are completely different".

While James insists that having a treat now and then is perfectly acceptable, he insists that a high daily sugar intake is dangerous to our health. The author says that whether sugar falls under the official definition of a toxin or not, that's how he labels it.

"The way that our society consumes sugar is toxic. It's killing people and there are no two ways about it, so it's a toxin."

When it comes to the balance of diet and exercise, James has two points:

  1. You can't out exercise a bad diet
  2. You won't be able to move well if you're not eating well

In the end, James believes that it's all about being kind to yourself and treating yourself well. However, treating yourself well should not include a large chocolate muffin. The author says that we need to learn the difference between pleasure and happiness.

Watch the video above to watch the interview and watch Ray take on James in their ‘plank challenge'!