The results are in and Dublin has ranked 34th in a list of the 50 best cities in the world to be a high profile female entrepreneur.

The survey produced by computer giant Dell is the only one of its kind. It examines a city's suitability for attracting female-owned companies based on a number of factors.

The criteria is not focused on the levels of female entrepreneurial success in an area, but rather measures put in place to encourage their professional development like cost of living, paid maternity leave and female political leadership. 

According to data, when barriers to high-level employment are removed for females, economies in the area tend to perform better.

Female entrepreneurship
Cities were evaluated based on measures in place to encourage women to reach high levels in business

The cities most suited to attracting high profile women entrepreneurs according to the index are New York, San Francisco and London.

Six of the top ten cities are in the United States while Europe has the second highest figure with London and Stockholm in the top ten. 

According to the report published alongside the index, locations were chosen based on their "reputation as established or emerging hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship" as well as their "geographic diversity". 

"Globally, women's entrepreneurship rates are growing more than 10 percent each year. In fact, women are as likely or more likely than men to start businesses in many markets" Karen Quintos, chief customer officer at Dell told PR news wire, Cision. 

"It is in the world's best interest that women entrepreneurs everywhere thrive.The WE Cities Index can be used as a diagnostic tool to help ensure that lawmakers are enabling women entrepreneurs to succeed " Elizabeth Gore Dell entrepreneur explained. 

"Each of the cities on this list can learn from one another and encourage political change to attract and support women entrepreneurs. The resulting change will be felt at not just a city level, around the world as we develop an ecosystem where all entrepreneurs can thrive regardless of gender", she says.

Dell announced the findings at their annual Dell Women Entrepreneur Network Summit yesterday in California. 

The full index can be seen below. 

  1. New York City
  2. San Francisco
  3. London
  4. Boston
  5. Stockholm
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Washington, D.C.
  8. Singapore
  9. Toronto
  10. Seattle
  11. Sydney
  12. Paris
  13. Chicago
  14. Minneapolis
  15. Austin
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Melbourne
  18. Atlanta
  19. Amsterdam
  20. Portland (OR)
  21. Berlin
  22. Taipei
  23. Pittsburgh
  24. Tel Aviv
  25. Copenhagen
  26. Vancouver
  27. Houston
  28. Johannesburg
  29. Barcelona
  30. Seoul
  31. Munich
  32. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
  33. Nairobi
  34. Dublin
  35. Warsaw
  36. Belfast
  37. Milan
  38. Beijing
  39. Tokyo
  40. Bangalore
  41. Kuala Lumpur
  42. Sao Paulo
  43. Dubai
  44. Shanghai
  45. Mexico City
  46. Lima
  47. Guadalajara
  48. Istanbul
  49. Delhi
  50. Jakarta