In this four-part documentary series, David Puttnam, Ireland’s Digital Champion, travels around Ireland on a mission to get citizens connected, with some help along the way from Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh and others.

Making Ireland Click explores the need for every citizen to be digitally literate as Ireland’s National Broadband Plan aims to deliver high-speed broadband to every home in the country.

We caught up with David to ask him about the project and who the episodes will be aimed at.

"They address four different issues so there maybe, very slightly, four different audiences. The first one is relating to the 'non-liners', the elderly, is very clearly aimed at people who are struggling, people who are fearful, people who are finding it hard to accommodate themselves to the digital environment. So that would be the audience for that."

In the case of the non-liners episode, David says that a second demographic presents itself in the form of teenagers who reach out to help their grand-parents become accustomed to the digital age. David is particularly pleased to see just how much they get back in return.

"In the case of the one on education, I hope professionals see that, that's really aimed at the educational professional or a parent who's concerned that their kid's not getting enough digital exposure at they're school."

David said that the episode that covers online businesses and small business is particularly relevant to Ireland.

"Ireland is pretty well in last place in Europe in terms of digital intelligence and retail operations and working online."

Finally, the episode on community hits home for David as he lives from a small community and has seen the impact of digital on community.

"What's wonderful about digital and about Ireland, a 'click' Ireland, is that young people can have really good fulfilling lives and proper careers and remain in their community. That's a big deal."

Watch the full interview with David Putnam here:

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