New data out today has revealed that rush hour traffic on Ireland's busiest road now lasts a full eight hours each day.

Nearly 160,000 vehicles are using Dublin's M50 on a daily basis - up 6,300 on the same period of last year. The knock-on impact of this is that gridlock begins at 7am until 10am in the morning time and starts again  

The figures from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) shows that every month there are 120 incidents - around 50 of which are crashes.

It based the analysis on volumes on the first Wednesday of October in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and shows numbers are steadily growing year-on-year.

On the first Wednesday of October in 2013, just over 133,345 vehicles used the road. The figure has increased by 19% for the same day of 2016.

A new development is that motorists will be warned of a serious incident through message signs and told to slow down and merge into a different lane to allow emergency teams to respond.

The traffic data supplied by TII for the Irish Independent gives a snapshot in time on how the M50 is faring as the economy shakes off the recession.