Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Emma Quinlan. I am a former model, who still dabbles the odd time. I work in marketing and I write and teach yoga and meditation freelance. I run a site called muscle2mind.com which is essentially a “wikipedia” for the human body, information from experts in their field.

What brought your website about?

I got the idea for it when I saw so many people sharing inaccurate information based on health, wellness, fitness and medical issues.

How and why did it start? 

It started for several reasons but mainly because I feel the internet and social media has given us a warped idea of what the human body should look like, what is healthy and what information is correct and what is not.

In this day and age people are asking social media celebrities and personal trainers information on health over doctors and people with genuine research and academia behind them. In my opinion this has contributed to the warped ideas that we have of health and wellness nowadays.

Who is your target?

Male and females 25 - 40, ideally I’d like to hit younger market but I feel they’re not as ready to listen or read!

What’s your media diet?

I read the Guardian online and the Washington Post, Elite Travel and yacht news which I need to read for work, which gives the worst type of wanderlust, and then probably anything mountaineering, yoga or philosophical based.

Name three people you respect in the industry?

I suppose the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry is so massive it’s hard to pinpoint. Definitely Danny Lennon from Sigma Nutrition who also happens to be Irish. I like Dr. Jon Berardi as well was Precision Nutrition and an English guy called Mark Runza who is developing an app call Gymster which is awesome! Real recipes that are fun and tasty (it shows calories and marco’s if you’re tracking) and it’s REAL food and exercises.

What has been your proudest post?

I wrote an article on distraction being the remedy and I also wrote an article on the mindset of a jockey, Mick Fitzgerald. I’ve written for numerous publications but I quite like these two.

Finest moment to date?

My finest moment in life was probably deciding to not care what people think about me, You can’t please everyone and not everyone will like you. I don’t lie to myself and if 80% of people like me for me I’m doing well.

What is your attitude to well-being, mentally and physically?

That how you feel on the inside in your heart and mind is where it truly matters and it reflects in a lot of cases in how you look. If you’re overly lean and obsess about abs etc you’re probably as unhappy and unhealthy as someone morbidly obese or anorexic.

I think how much you laugh, how well you sleep, how much you love and how you regard others are reflections of how you feel all round.

How has your life changed since you started your website?

Nothing really I see my writings as a “diary” or an outlet and way to share my experiences in what I know and my areas of knowledge and I am delighted that some amazing people have taken the time to write for it.

Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about fitness and fitness trends on social media?

I have two favourite things. I am grateful to be able to stay in touch with friends I had who still travel on tour in music and sport and people I knew when I was away. I am also grateful that Facebook has reminded me that no matter how thin (and I was very thin) or curvy I was I never had abs (ever!) but it never stopped me from appearing in FHM, Esquire or being on stage with world artists.

I dislike how people see it as a gospel and take the information on it as truth, or believe the pictures they see to be genuine. The word #inspo makes my stomach turn. Weighing your food and going to the gym twice a day is not inspiriational.

Tell us a secret - something we should know about you?

I am quite straight forward. I'm direct and I don’t suffer fools but I love to love. My dogs are beyond spoilt and my heart lies in the West of Ireland, it’s where I hope to live!

What’s the one thing you want people to learn from your work?

Listen to your gut, listen to yourself. Your body is programmed to tell you what’s right, not a hashtag search on instagram. If you have a medical worry go to your doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist. Do not ask an “fitspiration” guru that is not qualified.

Where do we find you?

Twitter: @emmaquinlan

Instagram: EmmasOutdoorWorld

Website: www.muscle2mind.com

E-mail: emmajanequinlan@gmail.com