The abs are a tricky area for most women. Many women train and train and train without seeing results, but as we discussed earlier, your ab development could potentially be hidden underneath a layer of body fat. That being said, you should always continue to train them because as your body fat drops around the area, some great developments will come through. Having a strong core is essential for stability and for protecting your organs, and it also helps you to maintain good posture. Here are some brilliant ab exercises.

Medicine Ball Slam (pg 07)

This explosive exercise doesn’t just torch calories – it works both your abs and back. Stand up tall, holding a medicine ball directly above your head with your feet shoulder width apart (Position 1). Slam the ball with full intensity onto the ground (Position 2). Then squat down to pick up the ball (Position 3) and repeat.

Medicine Ball Slam - Position 1Medicine Ball Slam - Position 2Medicine Ball Slam - Position 3

Scissors (pg 106)

Lying on the floor with your back flat on the mat, place both hands palms down directly beside your body. Lift your legs roughly 45 degrees from the floor and cross your right leg over your left (Position 1). For this exercise, you simply alternate crossing one leg over the other in a scissor motion, bringing your left leg over the right, then the right over the left (Position 2).

Scissors - Position 1Scissors - Position 2

Plank & Side Plank (pg 106)

Using your toes and forearms, balance yourself with your body facing the ground and your head looking forward (Position 1). Keep your body straight and hold yourself in this position for as long as possible.

Plank Position 1

This is the exact same as the original plank, except you turn to the side and support your body using one arm at a time and the sides of your feet (Position 1).

Side Plank - Position 1

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