Do you want to fight bingo wings and keep your arms toned and tight? Smashing bis and tris (biceps and triceps) isn’t just for men. It’s time to embrace the power in your arms and get your very own lady guns. Your arms need to be strong to lift, so don’t be afraid to invest in them. And don’t worry, women can’t get giant arms – we simply don’t produce the testosterone necessary to do it. What you will get, however, is sexy, shapely arms that will look amazing when you wear a vest or a dress. Here are some great arm-toning exercises.

Biceps Bicep Curl (pg 129)

Stand upright with your feet hip width apart, your core engaged and a dumbbell that is a suitable weight for you in each hand. The dumbbells should be by your side, with your palms facing forward (Position 01). Raise both dumbbells towards your body until they are almost at your shoulders, contracting your bicep (Position 02). Then lower them back down to the original position and repeat. Use control at all times and focus on the muscle you are working, your bicep. Perform the move nice and slow, squeezing the bicep constantly. For a resistance variation on the bicep curl, check out page 129.

Bicep Curl - Position 1Bicep Curls - Position 2

Biceps Hammer Curl (pg 110)

Stand upright with a dumbbell you’re comfortable lifting in either hand, held beside your body with your palms facing inwards towards the side of your legs (Position 01). As in the other bicep exercises, keep your elbows locked when performing a hammer curl. Raise the dumbbells towards your chest, contracting your bicep while lifting the weight upwards (Position 02). Then lower and repeat.

Bicep Hammer Curl - Position 1Bicep Hammer Curl - Position 2

Triceps Overhead Tricep Extension (pg 113)

Standing upright with your feet shoulder width apart, grip one end of a dumbbell you’re able to lift comfortably with both hands, with both thumbs around the dumbbell. Your palms should face the ceiling. Hold the dumbbell straight above your head (Position 01). Keep your arms beside your head and begin to lower the dumbbell, using your elbows. Lower the weight until your biceps touch your forearms, concentrating on your triceps (Position 02). Then extend your arms upwards and repeat.

Overhead Tricep - Position 1Overhead Tricep - Position 2

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