• Fire safety awareness

    Fire safety awareness

    National Fire Safety Week takes place this week from 6th - 13th October 2014. Jointly run with the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, it is about enhancing fire safety, particularly in the home.

  • Money Smart

    Money Smart

    The summer's over and it's time to start ticking those to-do lists again. We take a look at Laya Healthcare's new Money Smart Cash Plans and how they can work for you.

  • Super Garden kicks off on RTÉ One tonight

    Super Garden kicks off on RTÉ One tonight

    Super Garden returns tonight for a brand new series in which five up and coming garden designers compete to showcase their garden at this year's 2014 Bloom Festival.

  • Time to take control!

    Time to take control!

    People can control the cost of their health insurance with Create Your Scheme - what else do they want to control?

  • This Week in the garden

    This week in the garden


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