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Rhubarb Bread And Butter Pudding

Ed says: “Try to source your cream and milk for this recipe from a local farm if you can – the flavour will be so much richer.”

Quiche Lorraine

From: Trish's Paris Kitchen

With the help of a Quiche Lorraine, you can win the battle to convince your growing children that vegetables are 'a good thing'.

Poached Hake On Scented Mash with Lemon Butter Sauce

From: Martin's Mad About Fish

A lovely meal perfect for a dinner party.

Blackberry Amber

From: Kitchen Hero: Rediscovering The Irish Kitchen

This is a very good way to serve blackberries as the top of the dessert is both soft and crisp. Apple can also be used.

White Chocolate and Baileys Milkshake

From: Four Live

A gorgeous twist to your average milkshake

Cockle Chowder

From: The Restaurant

A thick and creamy cockle soup.

Chocolate muffins

You will be amazed how easy these are!

Macaroni Cheese

From: The Afternoon Show

Ultimate comfort food.

Strawberry Cheesecake

This delicious cheesecake is sooo easy to make, which makes it the ideal thing to throw together when your in the mood for showing off! This cheesecake is also a handy one for a planned event, like a meal or party, because you can make it the day beforehand. This can reduce the amount of stress and things that you have to remember to do on the day! I got the recipe for this in transition year, when we did a bit of cooking, but I've made a few changes. You're going to need a 9 or 10 inch spring baking tin, otherwise you'll have some trouble serving the cheesecake! Just make sure you don't open the clasp on the tray before the cheesecake is set.


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