Wild garlic pesto

Evan Doyle of The Strawberry Tree Restaurant at the BrookLodge Hotel in Macreddin have provided this recipe for one of their tastiest and most simple wild staples from the recently launched 'Wild Food' cookbook, in collaboration with food journalist and writer Biddy White Lennon


  • 50 g fresh wild garlic leaves
  • 25 g pine, cashew, hazel or chestnuts
  • 200 ml organic olive oil or better still irish organic rapeseed oil
  • 40 g grated, parmigiano-reggiano or really mature desmond
  • organic black pepper and sea salt


How it goes
  1. Blitz the nuts and half the oil in a food processor and add in the grated cheese. Then add the wild garlic and blitz with the remaining oil to the right consistency. Then simply season, to your taste.
What you get
  1. The Wild Garlic Pesto is a deep dark green Pesto with attitude, a pesto with a strong taste of wild natural garlic and its lush woodland dwellings. What you also get is ‘bottled spring and summer’.
  2. Use it as a dressing over salads, bake into your favourite bread dough, add to any pasta dish or mix with butter and slip under the skin of a chicken roast…the list goes on, just use your imagination and go wild!
How to finish
  1. Pour into sterilised Kilner Jars and keep in the fridge or a really cool, dark pantry. More so than with Basil Pesto, there is a reaction between the Wild Garlic, Oil and especially metal lids…hence the Kilner.



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