Gratin Dauphinoise

Spice up your potatoes with this simple recipe


  • 1 kg roosters or maris piper (ideally evenly sized)
  • 50-100ml full-fat milk
  • 300 ml cream
  • 1 garlic clove (peeled and crushed to a fine pulp)
  • 1/2 tsp green saffron quatre epices (a blend of mace, nutmeg, white pepper, ginger and cassia in equal proportions)
  • salt & black pepper to taste
  • knob butter for greasing
  • 25 g gruyere or aged comte (optional, freshly, very finely grated. any cheese is fine, just chose your favourite)


  1. Peel the potatoes, then slice them really thin (ideally 4-3mm thick on a mandolin so they are all evenly thick). Then put them aside in a bowl of cold water for later use.
  2. In a straight sided, large thick-bottomed saucepan add the milk, cream, the GS Quatre Epice mix and garlic. Bring to a gentle simmer with the lid off and allow reduce by about 25% so it’s a glossy consistency and coats the back of a spoon well, (if it gets too thick, just add a little more milk).
  3. Season with salt and black pepper so as it tastes just a little over salted. Don’t worry…..the potatoes will absorb the salt rectifying the salt content of the cream, making for better flavour!
  4. Then, strain the potatoes well from the bowl of cold water and pat dry to make sure they are not too wet.


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