Glazed Pork Fillet

A great, healthy family dinner to cook with the kids.


  • 1 complete pork fillet
  • sauce:
  • juice of four large oranges with a little zest
  • a little garlic
  • a little bit of ginger
  • thai fish sauce
  • soy sauce
  • demerara sugar


  1. Bring all the sauce ingredients together in a bowl and then pour into a solid, flat base pan. Bring it to the boil and once it has been boiling for three to four minutes drop the fillet carefully in and seal it on one side.
  2. Once it’s evenly coloured, turn it over gently to do the same on the other side. You then just look after it and keep basting it in the sauce for 15 or 20 minutes, until the meat is cooked through.
  3. By now, the sauce will have reduced until it has almost caramelised and the fillet will be covered with a lovely sticky glaze.
  4. If it is in danger of drying out, make sure you have extra freshly squeezed orange juice standing by.
  5. To Serve:
  6. Slice and serve with rice and something crunchy like green beans or snap peas.


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