Yellow Sweet Curry Prawn Sauce with Egg Noodles

A healthy dish from Dr Eva Orsmond.


  • 5 ml olive oil
  • 150 g onion (cut in half rings)
  • 150 g carrot (cut in very thin strips or use a slicer)
  • ½ vegetable stock (organic) melted in 150ml boiling water from kettle
  • 15 ml soy sauce
  • 5 ml medium curry powder
  • 5 ml low calorie sweetener
  • 30 ml serving of light soft cheese (like philadelphia)
  • 50 ml milk
  • 125 g (frozen) large cooked and peeled king prawns
  • 125 g ready in 3 minutes fine egg noodles


  1. Heat oil in non stick pan and add cut onions and thin carrot strips.
  2. Add vegetable stock melted in boiling water and let simmer under lid for 10mins.
  3. In a separate pot boil enough water to cook the noodles.
  4. When onions and carrots are soft add soy sauce, curry powder and low calorie sweetener. Cook for one minute.
  5. Add soft cheese and milk and stir to create a sauce. Close lid for one minute and then add the frozen king prawns.
  6. Keep cooking until prawns have defrosted and warmed up. If you have fresh coriander or parsley add some for extra colour and taste!


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