Lychee, Raspberry Mint & Pepper Cordial

Refreshing, perfumed, colourful, decadent and fun…


  • 1 tin lychee fruits in sugar syrup (drained, reserving the sweet juices and fruit in separate two bowls or jugs)
  • 125 g raspberries (divided into two amounts; half for the cordial and half for garnish)
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg
  • ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tblsp rose water
  • good handful mint
  • 2 tblsp rose petals (blitzed to a fine powder, or 2tblsp desiccated raspberry powder, for rim of glass)
  • 2 tblsp golden caster sugar (unrefined, for rim of the glass)
  • mint sprig skewers (woody stems of an older mint plant, or you can use wooden skewers)
  • a few twists lemon zest (as required)
  • a few good handfuls cubed ice
  • a few (generous) measures gin, for the martini


  1. Pour the lychee syrup into a small, heavy bottomed pan. Gently warm the lychee syrup to hot, not boiling. Then, pop in the nutmeg and black pepper. Take the pan off the heat and leave to cool.
  2. When very cool to the touch, add the rose water to the infused syrup and set aside.
  3. Grab your blender, pour the infused lychee juices from the pan into the jug. Add half of the raspberries and half of lychee fruits, then blend until smooth
  4. Strain through a fine sieve and or muslin into a handy bowl of jug. Cover the jug and pop into your fridge.
  5. Barber Shop Cooler
  6. In the bottom of a tall (hi-ball) glass drop in 4 mint leaves and lightly crush with the end of a rolling pin.
  7. Add three raspberries and twist of lemon zest, then spoon in crushed ice to just over half full.
  8. Pour in 75ml of cordial, top up with soda water and stir well.
  9. Perch a mint skewer with 2 or 3 raspberries and a lychee on top and enjoy!


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