From classic to creative, muted to modern; dressings can make or break a salad...

A dressing can add a much needed zing to a bowl of leaves and add depth of flavour to rice, noodle and bean salad dishes. Everyone has their own preference with regards how sweet, tart or citrus they like and whether it should be clear, creamy or merely a drizzle.

Patrick Hanlon takes twenty dressing recipes and separates them into the traditional classics and the modern interpretations.

10 classics

Ballyknocken House Salad dressing

Weightwatchers mint yoghurt dressing

Tommy Fitzherbert's herb vinaigrette

Balsamic and olive oil dressing from Catherine Fulvio

Des Cahill's Cashel Blue cheese dressing

Tommy Fitzherbert's yohurt and herb dressing

Darina Allen's honey and mustard dressing

Brian McCann's lemon dressing

French dressing from Tommy Fitzherbert

Soy sauce dressing

10 Modern Twists

The Happy Pear's honey, pumpkin seed and parsley dressing

Lorraine Fitzmaurice's miso and mustard dressing

Brian McCann's truffle dressing

Bord Bia's mango dressing for chicken salad

Donal Skehan's peanut dressing for salmon and noodle salad

Richard Corrigan's beetroot and horseradish dressing

Catherine Fulvio's trio of dressings; sweet orange; wasabi; chilli

Donal Skehan's chilli, ginger and lime dressing

Bord Bia's harissa dressing

Richard Corrigan's mimosa vinaigrette

Patrick Hanlon