Though the weather may not be a constant delight, picnic week surely will be! Patrick Hanlon has great picnic snacks rounded up.

To kick off picnic week on RTÉ Food, tuck in to these delicious picnic recipes. Compiled lovingly, these are our al fresco choices for picnics in the park, at the beach or even just down the back garden!

For picnics, it's best to think 'finger food'. Keep snacks small, but in large amounts, and make sure they are easily transportable. Not only do plates and cutlery weigh down if on the go, it's just so much easier to make something that can be hand-held or doesn't require light butchery and tricky assembly to enjoy.

Not only is the weather being too hot or cold something to contend with, the food situation is also temperamental when it comes to temperature. We've all had cold and tough breadcrumb chicken or warm and runny coleslaw enough to know that those options are best left to barbecues in the back garden, where an oven or fridge is near. Safe Food have compiled some health and safety tips for picnics which are a great guide before choosing your favourite al fresco snacks.

Sugary, sticky, extra sweet things attract pesky insects, especially wasps, so glazes, sticky puddings and things like ice-cream are probably not the best to take en plein air. Why not take muffins or brownies, which can be individually wrapped and hand-held, while being a joy to eat at outside temperatures, however cool, or a day after being baked.

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To set you up for the perfect summer picnic, here are 25 of our top recipes from your favourite chefs

Salmon rolls by Edward Hayden

Pizza Muffins by Rozanne Stevens

Muffuletta by Edward Hayden

Nut brownies by Ross Lewis

Three tomato salad in a loaf by Trish Deseine

Chicken wholegrain rolls by Rozanne Stevens

Crunchy mackerel wraps by Paul Flynn

Pizza bread by Neven Maguire

Roasted vegetable salad by Kevin Dundon

Superfood slaw by Rozanne Stevens

Mixed bean salad by The Happy Pear

German potato salad by Richard Corrigan

Halloumi, sweet potato and pasta salad by Domini Kemp

Healthy sausage rolls by Sally Bee

Cob salad pitta pockets by Dubliner Cheese

Chilli and ginger cornbread by Phelim Byrne

Halloumi, peach and chilli salad by Rozanne Stevens

Cheese and mixed seed cookies by Dubliner Cheese

Strawberry and banana ice lolly pops from Kevin Dundon

Beetroot brownies by Rachel Allen

Classic quiche Lorraine by Trish Deseine

Hummus and homemade pitta bread by Donal Skehan

Pink lemonade by Catherine Fulvio

Rachel Allen's brown treacle scones with sesame seeds

Donal Skehan's super chocolate brownies

-Patrick Hanlon