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Guinness Storehouse

Justin O’Connor is originally from the north county Dublin. He trained at the Dublin College of Catering in the capital, taking a degree in Culinary Management and graduated in 1991.  From the moment of his graduation, “Joc,” as everyone calls him, gained experience in a number of five star hotels such as the Shelbourne hotel in Dublin and top end restaurants like La Stampa, before specialising in corporate and event catering. Joc also traveled to Canada and worked in the renowned King Edward Hotel in Toronto. On his return to his native Dublin, Joc started working in the most visited international attraction in Ireland, Guinness Storehouse in 2004, and currently his team caters for about 200,000 guests a year. Joc works closely with the Guinness Storehouse leadership team in the design of new and exciting offers using Guinness as a primary ingredient in a range of signature dishes.

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