Smoked Haddock Kedgeree

From: Four Live

A must for the health conscious, try this scrumptious recipe

Seared Scallops with Butternut and Parsley Mash

From: The Afternoon Show

Share the mash between two warmed plates and serve with the scallops, garnished with sprigs of chervil or lemon thyme.

Savoury Prawn and Spinach Creamy Pancakes

From: Four Live

A delicious alternative pancake recipe.

Beetroot & Chocolate Cake

From: Four Live

Chocolate and beetroot are an unusual combination but one that works well.

Mediterranean Couscous Cake

From: Four Live

A great healthy dessert which has no added sugar or fat.

Wholemeal Bran Cookies

From: Four Live

These cookies are so much better for you than shop-bought biscuits, as all the ingredients are natural. A healthy treat that will fill you up. There cookies are lovely plain but you may also want to try them with an addition of 2 tablespoons of dried fruit, currants or sultanas – add these at the kneading stage.

Sally Bee's Sausage Rolls

From: Four Live

Sally's healthy and satisfying mini sausage rolls

Lemony Turkey Kebabs

From: Four Live

Sally Bee presents this nutritious and simple family meal, great for a BBQ!

Sally Bee's Chinese Chicken Wraps

From: Four Live

I love the convenience of wraps but all the shop bought ones are quite high in salt and fat content. Here is a dish that gives you the excitement of Chinese food and the feeling of a wrap but by using Iceberg lettuce leaves instead of the wrap, this is an everyday dish that can be enjoyed again and again.


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