Quinoa Salad

Special thanks to chef Stephen Taylor Winter for this recipe!

Shredded chicken satay with brown rice

This works great as a dinner and makes for a resourceful lunch the next day! The best thing about a dish like this is that it always tastes even better the next day, after marinating in all those flavours overnight.

Beetroot Quinoa Salad

Perfect as a starter or for lunch.

Braised Pork with Vegetables

Pork braised in a cabbage and lemon broth, with baby potatoes, greens and pickled onions.

Spiced Pork Ribs

Spiced pork ribs, slow cooked with orange and cider and green cabbage slaw. Delicious!

Prawns Funghi

A gorgeous combination of seafood and mushrooms with pasta.

Seafood Platter for Two

This seafood platter needs a lot of ingredients, but it's a great way to show your other half that you've made an effort. Perfect for a romantic evening in!

Chuchi Whole Lobster

A chargrilled whole lobster.

Goong Mankorn Sam Rod

Bon appétit!

Seared Lobster Tail

Impress your dinner guests with this seared lobster tail recipe.


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